Resumo is changing the recruitment landscape

Resumo is changing the recruitment landscape

Here at Sterning, we’re always thinking, dreaming and innovating. So when our co-founder Joseph Merz launched a new CV-sending tool for recruiters, we were first in line to give it a go.

Resumo is a tech tool that’s making a big splash in recruiter-land, offering a competitive advantage for recruiters and clients. Since launching in Australia just six months ago, Resumo has already made waves globally, with upcoming collaborations with world-leading recruiters.

What does it do?

Resumo is founded on a simple premise. Recruiters use it to send CVs and coversheet details to clients. With great branding and easy tools for tracking and interviews, it’s the modern, professional way to present candidates.

“I’ve seen a lot of technological change over my 15 years as a recruiter, but Resumo is a real game-changer.” - Mark Harrison, Sterning IT

Resumo is the future

With several pioneering companies already using Resumo to fast-track interview and hiring processes, we’re excited about the future potential of this new tech solution. Stay tuned for exciting new releases and more handy features in 2017!