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Our team of recruiters in this space are world class networkers and connectors of great talent. They are creative in how they recruit for this competitive space and are constantly driving career advancing initiatives such as videos, webinars and plenty of coffee catch ups to keep up with the latest industry happenings.

We are running roles this year that didn’t exist last year, and that is not only exciting, it is a sign that a successful recruiter in this space needs to embrace change and the impact of digital in our lives. We'd love to chat. Coffee solves most problems so don’t hesitate to contact one of us and we'd be happy to meet up.

  • “It is thanks to Jesse that I have landed myself in an amazing team and role. He was a pleasure to work with and thoughtful about my goals. If ever I need his help again, I'm sure that he will be my first point of contact and referral.”
    — Beth
  • “I can not recommend Charlie enough! I have had a bad experience with other recruiters, but Charlie took the time to listen to what I wanted, not just out of my next job, but out of my future career. I ended up in a position where I had two fantastic job offers on the table and could not be happier in my new role at Mumbrella.”
    — Rebecca
  • “Charlie was wonderful to work with during the recruitment process. She listens to your concerns and carefully selects the companies that could be right for you. She is very personable and legitimately cares about your career. Highly recommend!”
    — Stephanie
Charlie Nuthall

Recruiter Spotlight

Meet Charlie Nuthall. Charlie's natural enthusiasm and quick wit make her the perfect sales and operations recruiter. She's never afraid to call a spade a spade and always pulls out all stops to help wherever she can.

Core Disciplines
  • Media Sales
  • Sales Operations
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Plenty more media & creative jobs where those came from

Plenty more media & creative jobs where those came from.

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